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Shark Beauty
Shark Beauty leveraged the expertise of Influur creators to run a viral campaign that rapidly grew sales of their new FlexStyle brand. Looks like the #sharkflexstyle really is #ForAllHairKind.
reach on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube
Paramount Plus
Paramount Plus worked with creators on Influur to get people talking about and watching their news series, “When You Least Expect It”. TikTok was buzzing about #WYLEIonparamountplus.
shares on TikTok
comments on Instagram Reels
Yummy increased user engagement on their delivery app after collaborating with Influur’s creator community. Super results for the super app.
shares on TikTok
comments on Instagram Reels
BoxyCharm increased their e-commerce sales by driving massive traffic to their website thanks to content made by creators on Influur. Their creative stories captivated audiences and inspired new interest.
likes on TikTok
views on Instagram Stories
Hard Rock
Hard Rock Café in South Florida came to Influur creators for help promoting their new MESSI BURGER, which significantly increased traffic at their locations and grew sales. They left us all thinking: #LetsGetMessi.
plays on TikTok
link clicks on Instagram Stories
D’Luchi generated a huge buzz around their new Kaba product line and launch in Mexico by working with creators on Influur. People were talking…and shopping.
impressions in Instagram Reels
tags in Instagram Stories

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