Influur reserves the right to review our refund requests and assess them as needed. All reviews can take up to 4 weeks.
To request a refund please contact our Customer Experience team by email at
All refunds, if applicable, will be for brand credit. If a refund to the payment method is required, Influur will not refund the service fee or transaction fee.

No Refund

  • When the brand doesn't want to work with the influencer anymore and the influencer has already delivered some content. 
  • If the brand stopped replying so the influencer went ahead and posted or had already sent a final draft on the date the LWT mentioned. Influencers get 100% of the pay.
  • If the brand pays through invoice but doesn't use the money. After 6 months, the brand is not eligible for a refund.
  • If the brand asks the influencer to make changes that go against the community guidelines.

Refund - brand credit, no service or transaction fee

  • Any time a brand wants to cancel an LWT after paying but before the influencer sends any drafts.
  • Influencer doesn't want to make any of the first 3 changes of the draft sent.
  • Mutual agreement between the brand and influencer to cancel an LWT. 
  • Influencer declines an LWT after brand payment.
  • Influencer can’t do the job due to outside circumstances, such as a social media account being blocked. 

Partial refund - Brand credit

  • Brand cancels campaign or LWT without any notice and the influencer already sent a draft. 
    Partial refund will be assessed by Influur depending on the status of the campaign.
NOTE: All refunds in credit must be used in the first 3 months of being issued.