Glossary on product management & user feedback

Affiliate Marketing
Earning a commission by promoting other people's products.
A set of rules used by search engines to determine the ranking of web pages.
Algorithm Update
Changes made to a search engine's algorithm.
Alt Text
Descriptive text added to an image to make it accessible and indexab.
Anchor Text
The clickable text in a hyperlink.
Audience Demographics
Information about the age, gender, location, interests, etc., of an influencer's audience.
Audience Segmentation
Dividing an audience into subgroups based on defined criteria like demographics or behavior, helping tailor influencer content to match diverse audience needs.
The perceived trustworthiness and expertise of a website.
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visitors who navigate away from a site after viewing only one page.
Brand Advocacy
When customers or employees enthusiastically promote and defend a brand to their networks, often as a result of positive experiences or loyalty programs.
Brand Ambassador
A person who represents and promotes a brand to their audience, typically having a long-term association with the brand.
Brand Collaboration
A partnership between a brand and an influencer to promote products or services.
Brand Equity
The value and strength of a brand as perceived by customers, influenced by influencer partnerships that resonate authentically with audiences.
CTA (Call-to-Action)
A prompt for users to take a specific action.
CTR (Click-Through Rate)
The ratio of users who click on an ad to the number of total users.
CTR (Conversion Tracking Rate)
Measuring the number of conversions against the number of clicks.
Campaign Analytics
Measurement and analysis of key performance indicators from an influencer marketing campaign to assess effectiveness and ROI.
Competitor Analysis
Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of competing brands.
Content Amplification
The use of various promotional techniques and channels to increase the reach and impact of your content beyond its original audience, including social sharing, influencer marketing, and paid advertising.
Content Calendar
A schedule outlining when and what content will be posted by an influencer.
Content Optimization
Adjusting content to maximize engagement and effectiveness based on audience feedback and performance data.
Content Syndication
Distributing existing content on other platforms to reach a wider audience.
Content Targeting Rate
The percentage of users who engage with targeted content.
Conversion Rate
The percentage of users who take a desired action, such as making a purchase.
Partnering with other brands or influencers to mutually promote content, expanding reach and tapping into each other’s audiences.
Customer Lifetime Value
The total worth of a customer over the entire period of their relationship with a brand.
Demographic Insights
Understanding the specific characteristics of an influencer's audience such as age, gender, and interests, to better align marketing efforts.
Digital Footprint
The trail of data you leave while using the internet, which brands and influencers use to understand and target audiences.
Engagement Metrics
Metrics measuring the level of audience interaction with content.
Engagement Rate
The percentage of an influencer's audience that interacts with a post.
Ephemeral Content
Content that is available only for a short duration, like Instagram Stories, encouraging more immediate engagement from viewers.
Evergreen Content
Content that remains relevant and valuable over time.
Follower Growth Rate
The rate at which an influencer gains new followers, indicating popularity and effectiveness of their content strategy.
Delivering content to a specific audience based on their geographical location.
Growth Hacking
Innovative, cost-effective marketing strategies focused on rapid growth, often used by influencers to quickly build a large following.
Hashtag Strategy
The use of targeted hashtags to increase content visibility and discoverability.
The number of times a piece of content is displayed.
Inbound Link
A link from an external site pointing to your site.
Influencer Analytics
Data and metrics that measure the impact and effectiveness of an influencer's content
Influencer Contract
A formal agreement between a brand and an influencer, detailing terms of partnership, deliverables, compensation, and copyright ownership.
Influencer Discovery
The process of identifying influencers whose brand and audience align with a company's marketing goals.
Influencer Marketing
A marketing strategy that involves collaborating with influential individuals to promote a brand.
Influencer Outreach
The process of identifying and engaging with influencers who can help promote your brand, product, or service to a wider audience, often involving personalized communication.
Influencer Tier System
A classification system based on follower count or engagement rates, categorizing influencers as nano, micro, macro, or mega, which helps brands choose the right type of influencer for their campaigns.
KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
Specific metrics used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, including reach, engagement rate, and conversion rate.
Specific terms or phrases that users enter into search engines.
Landing Page
A specific page designed for a user to land on after clicking a link.
Lookalike Audience
A method used in digital marketing to identify new users or customers who resemble a company's existing customers, in terms of interests and behaviors, on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
Macro Influencers
An influencer with a large following, typically ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of followers.
Media Kit
A package of information and statistics provided by influencers to brands, showcasing their audience demographics, engagement rates, and previous collaboration examples.
Meta Business Partners
The Meta Business Partner program is an accolade awarded by Meta to companies that demonstrate exceptional capabilities in driving business growth across Meta platforms. To attain the partner badge, companies are required to meet rigorous criteria outlined by Meta, which include showcasing technical proficiency, establishing a proven track record in fostering business expansion, and achieving a substantial level of ad spend or business pages managed.
Micro Influencers
An influencer with a smaller, but highly engaged, audience, often focused on a specific niche.
Social media personalities with smaller followings, typically under 10,000, known for high engagement rates. They are valued for their authenticity and close community.
A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.
Organic Traffic
Visitors who come to a website through unpaid search results.
Outbound Link
A link from your site to an external site.
Paid Partnership
A transparent relationship between a brand and an influencer where the influencer is compensated for promoting a product or service.
ROI (Return on Investment)
The ratio of net profit to the cost of an investment.
The total number of people who see an influencer's content.
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Using social media platforms to promote products or services.
Shoppable Posts
Social media posts that allow users to make purchases directly through the post, streamlining the buying process.
Social Currency
The actual and perceived value gained from being active on social media, such as followers, likes, and shares.
Social Listening
The practice of tracking conversations around specific phrases, words, or brands, and then leveraging those insights to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.
Social Proof
Psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation, often seen in reviews, testimonials, and endorsements.
Sponsored Content
Content created by an influencer in partnership with a brand, usually disclosed to the audience.
The art of conveying messages or information through stories and narratives, a powerful tool in marketing for connecting with audiences on an emotional level.
Mentioning or linking another user's profile in your content, often used to credit collaborators or to increase visibility.
Tiktok Marketing Partners
The TikTok Marketing Partners Program is a new frontier for advertisers looking to tap into the heart of short-form video content. With TikTok's explosive growth, this program offers a curated list of trusted partners equipped to help brands excel on the platform. From campaign management to creative development, these partners provide the expertise needed to navigate TikTok's unique ecosystem and connect with audiences in meaningful ways.
UGC (User-Generated Content)
Content created by users, often featuring a brand or product.
UGC Campaign
A marketing strategy that encourages users to create and share content.
UGC Curation
The process of selecting and showcasing user-generated content that aligns with a brand's values or campaign goals, enhancing authenticity.
User Persona
A detailed representation of your target audience, crafted based on research and data. Personas help in creating content that resonates with your audience's needs and preferences.
Viral Marketing
A strategy aimed at spreading information about a product or service from person to person by word of mouth or shared via the internet or email, to achieve a rapid increase in awareness or sales.
Video blogging, where content creators share their experiences, thoughts, or tutorials in video format, often incorporating personal stories to build connections with their audience.
An online seminar or workshop, increasingly used by brands and influencers for educational content, product demonstrations, or community building.
The practice of granting an influencer permission to post sponsored content on their social media channels directly, using the brand's advertising account. This allows brands more control over the ad's performance and targeting.

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