August 25, 2023

Cracking the Code: Choosing the Perfect Content Type for Your Influencer Campaign

Hello there, dear readers. Today, we want to help you with a common blocker when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns: knowing what type of content you need for the campaign. Once you crack the code on how to define which type of content you need, it goes from a quantum equation to simple arithmetic. So just follow our lead as your life gets easier…

Decoding Content Harmony: The Starting Point

Imagine a world where your influencer marketing strategy is a symphony – each content piece harmonizing seamlessly with your brand's melody. This is the magic of understanding the right content type for each creator, - and most importantly each audience. 

The Influencer Content Palette: Options Galore

  • TikToks- When quick, catchy, and trendy is the order of the day, TikToks shine. These short-form videos are perfect for vibrant storytelling, challenges, and capturing attention in a snap. They are known for being raw, not highly edited, and extremely organic. 

  • Reels- Reels are fantastic for quick bites of creativity. They're ideal for sharing how-tos, showcasing products, and hopping on trends. With them, you can be more refined, edited, and focused in aesthetics. 

  • Stories- The ephemeral charm of stories gives you a chance to share candid moments, daily updates, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Since it is an “on the go” content, they are better when they come organically and as a conversation with a friend. 

  • Static Posts- Sometimes, a single powerful image says it all. Static posts are excellent for showcasing products, sharing infographics, or creating a visual impact.

  • YouTube Videos- In the realm of influencer content, YouTube videos offer a platform for in-depth storytelling, tutorials, and engaging discussions. They allow creators to share wide information about your product and create lasting connections.

Cracking the Code: Which One To Choose? 

  • Audience Connection- Let your target audience guide you. Audience research is something we will always encourage. You need to know which social media your audience commonly uses, and from which social media they tend to bounce to a shopping car. 

  • Brand Voice- Align content types with your brand's voice. If you're all about organic content, TikToks might be your playground. If you're into elegance, Reels could be your canvas.

  • Campaign Goals- Are you launching a challenge? TikToks and Reels are your go-tos. Sharing daily stories of a product's journey? Stories are the way to go. Do you need potential customers to know in depth how your product works? Maybe YouTube can give you the long-formatting you need.

Bringing It All Together: Let’s Mix It Up

Don’t think you need to stick to one social media per campaign! Sometimes to go places, you need to take a bus, get on a plane, walk a little, and then drive some more. Big campaigns have multiple goals and stages and for them, you can mix and match different social media. 

To Summarize 

As we wrap up our exploration of choosing the perfect content type for your influencer campaign, remember that this journey is about more than options – it's about orchestration. Each content piece, whether a TikTok's vibrant note or a YouTube video's in-depth melody, contributes to the symphony of your brand's story. By listening to your audience's rhythm, aligning with your brand's voice, and tailoring to your campaign's goals, you're on the path to a harmonious marketing masterpiece. So, seize the conductor's baton and lead your campaign to a crescendo of success, one content note at a time.

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