5 reasons why brands love Influur

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No hidden fees

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Budget optimization

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Access to our community of more than 20k influencers

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Influencer recruitment inside and outside our community

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Only one contract to sign instead of a contract per influencer hired

How it works

Talk to our experts about your needs
Post your campaign for creators to apply
Get a list of your top candidates
Have your campaign supervised by our team
Receive a report with your results

Why choose Influur?

  • No hidden fees.
  • Influencer packages for price transparency.
  • Have influencers come to you instead of going to them with our public-job-posting feature.
  • Through our escrow system, have your payment safeguarded until your requested content is published.
Other Marketplaces
  • Hidden fees.
  • No price transparency from influencers.
  • Sending massive emails to influencers’ databases and hoping for an influencer to read and be interested.
  • No payment security.

Save money with us

Hiring through Influur
Influencer Hire
CPM (Cost Per Mille)
CPV (Cost Per View)
Hiring through other marketplaces
Influencer Hire
CPM (Cost Per Mille)
CPV (Cost Per View)

What clients are saying about us

It is by far the best Marketing company where the right role is given to people with influence in social networks and their connection to the labor market. 4 brave women made this dream come true. Big company.
Influur has been very beneficial as a platform. It gives you an excellent opportunity to connect directly with quality influencers in different places to promote your brand. It has a very friendly interface at the same time excellent customer service.
It is by far the best Marketing company where adequate prominence is given to people with influence on social networks and their connection to the labor market. 4 brave women made this dream come true. Big company.
Influur has helped us a lot in implementing our influencer marketing strategy. Thanks to its platform, we can segment much faster and easier what type of influencer we need for each campaign; they are also in charge of giving a super punctual follow-up at each step of the development of the interaction of our brand with the influencer.
The app has simply transformed the way our business does marketing. We are a true believers! It is a MUST TRY if you are a business owner and want to magnify your marketing efforts without breaking the bank
I highly recommend them! It was incredible with the influencers, and their support team helped me a lot with all my questions. I love how easy and fast it is.

Success cases in all industries

Case Study
Flor de Caña
Increase brand awareness.
We united 14 creators (21.8M in reach) and invited them to attend the F1 race from the brand’s stand. They created content from it and invited more attendees to join them in the stand.
Instagram Views
Instagram Likes
Case Study
Increase brand awareness while showcasing Mastercard’s #priceless experiences.
We merged two creators that shared the brand’s target audience to and sent them as ambassadors in the UEFA at Stambul. There, they hosted events and created multiple content pieces.
Instagram Views
Instagram Likes
Case Study
Increase impact in ads for Nivea “Agua de Rosas”.
Points in ad recall
Points in brand recognition
Points in purchase intent
Band lift delivered by Meta. Click here to learn more about this case.
Case Study
Shark Beauty
Building brand awareness for Shark Beauty’s new product launch.
Instagram Followers
TikTok Followers

What Makes Influur Different

Industry Insight Masters
We've walked the influencer marketing path, understanding your pain points and offering solutions based on firsthand insights
Knit-tight Relationships
Due to our close relationships with our network, we can skip the line in multiple aspects and provide you with better strategies
Customer-Centric Approach
Your success is our priority, and we tailor solutions to align with your unique goals
Trust in Transparency
We stand on our promise to maintain the influencer industry transparent. We build trust to nurture lasting relationships

Fequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you support?
Currently, you can make payments using credit cards or through wire transfers.
Are you an influencer agency?
We are not an influencer agency. We are a tool marketers can use to optimize their influencer marketing campaigns. With Influur’s technology, brands can hire influencers and manage their campaigns all from one place.
Do we get to approve content and influencers?
Of course. Our team will present a list of influencers and their statistics for you to choose from. Once hired, you will have two rounds of revisions to approve the content the influencers came up with.
How much time until we activate a campaign?
We can activate a campaign in as little as 48 hours depending on your needs. To get a specific timeline, you can talk to our specialists.
Is there a minimum payment?
Our team can manage your campaign with a minimum budget of $5,000. However, if your budget is lower, you can still use our app for free and post campaigns with a minimum budget of $250.

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