August 11, 2023

How To Complete a Successful Campaign in Influur

At Influur, we want to turn you into a pro when it comes to planning, executing, and launching your influencer marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a business owner, part of a marketing team, or an agent trying to find an influencer for one of your clients, we assure you Influur will become your best friend when it comes to integrating an influencer marketing strategy into your business.  So buckle up as we go step by step on how to have a successful campaign in Influur!

Before you even post in the app, you need to have your objectives clear. We will call this section: 

The Homework!

  • Define which of your products/services you want to promote. 
  • Decide what type of content you will be needing (UGC or influencer-promoted content).
  • Define what type of audience you are trying to reach (Age, gender, location, language, socioeconomics).
  • Based on your audience, pick which social media and deliverables you will ask for the campaign. 

Ok, you have your basics set up and defined. Now we can go ahead and post. For step-by-step instructions on how to post, we wrote this manual for you. In this blog, we will focus on tips for the posting stage:

Posting Tips

  • It is important you know the difference between influencer location and audience location. 
  1. Influencer location is only required if you need the influencer to be at a certain place. This is used when you need the influencer to attend an event, visit your location, or be in a certain country due to shipping logistics. 
  2. Audience location should always be specified. This comes tied to your homework. You need to make sure you pick an influencer that matches your target audience. This is why, you need to make sure to specify where you want their location to be located. If your business is located in Miami, make sure to ask for the location to be in Miami. Or, if you ship your product to Mexico, the United States, and Panama, make sure to ask for audience location in all of them! 
  • Make sure your description is detailed. Consider your job description as your “contract” with the influencers you will hire. On it, you should describe how you want your influencer to be (looks, vibe, the way they speak, on what topics they focus, amount of followers, etc). You should also clarify what you want the content to be like, how much you want it to last, mention if there is a link that needs to be added. It is fundamental you specify how many revisions you will require and if you will want licensing to use the video in ads. 
  • After completing all the information required to create a campaign, the app will ask you for your budget. It is important for you to know that the price you are setting is the amount you are willing to pay one creator. You do not need to worry if you do not know how much to offer, the app will give you tips and recommendations on how much to offer depending on the needs of your campaign. These recommendations are data-driven. This means that it is calculated according to hundreds of jobs similar to yours and their success rates. 

Believe it or not, you did the hardest part already… Now hit the “Post” button, sit, and wait for the Influur magic to happen! 

The Magic
  • Within 24 hours, our Best Match algorithm will analyze all of your applicants and recommend you the ones that fit your needs the best. 
  • You can then select one or more influencers and accept their applications. 
  • After this, it is time to pay. We want you to be as comfortable as possible with the investment you are making. Your payment will go to escrow and will only be released once you have confirmed the influencer completed their job successfully. 
  • Remember to stay active in the chat with the influencer. Through there, you can clarify any questions they might have in regard to your content. Remember to have your app notifications on, so the app can notify you when you have a pending action/message. 
  • Be detailed and include ALL your corrections at once when it comes to reviewing a draft. It is etiquette in the industry to not have more than two rounds of corrections. 

Influur is your ultimate partner in mastering the art of influencer marketing campaigns. From setting clear objectives and defining your target audience to posting with precision and engaging with influencers, we've got you covered every step of the way. So, take a deep breath, hit that "Post" button, and let Influur work its magic.

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